BookishFirst: I Have Lost My Way

I just finished reading another great book that I got from BookishFirst: I Have Lost My Way, by Gayle Forman.     This is such a delicate story. The book tells the story of three young people in New York that meet each other when they all, for different reasons, have lost their ways. Throughout … Continue reading BookishFirst: I Have Lost My Way


BookishFirst: Going Places

I just finished reading another interesting story from BookishFirst: Going Places, by Kathryn Berla.     This is a nice come of age novel. The story is about Hudson Wheeler, a senior in high school that everyone thinks will be "going places". He decides to be homeschooled in his senior year. With a little bit … Continue reading BookishFirst: Going Places

BookishFirst: Tennison

I just finished reading another book from BookishFirst: Tennison, by Lynda La Plante.   If you like detective stories, you’re gonna love this! Jane Tennison is a probationer officer aspiring to become a detective at a police station in London in an area of high criminality. She slowly gets involved in bigger cases - and … Continue reading BookishFirst: Tennison