I’m a little late on my review of the Target Beauty Box, as a new one is already available.


Even though I didn’t actually need anything, I went ahead and ordered the July 2017 Target Beaty Box out of FOMO. This box included a full size elf spray (which accounts for at least half of the price of the box), so it was indeed a good deal. And I also had the opportunity to stock on more Neutrogena wipes, which I already knew it was a good product. Everything else was a bonus.

I didn’t really like this gel version of the Secret deodorant. Didn’t work for me. The Neutrogena gel moisturizer is very lightweight, but it has a heavy scent to it (like all other Neutrogena products). The hair wraps are actually pretty good, and they managed to hold my super fine hair for a good amount of time.

I still have to try the face masks, the frizz ease product (I was expecting a deluxe sample and we ended up getting just a foil, what a shame!), and the Acure day cream.

Overall, this was an okay box. The value is definitely there, even if I end up not using everything on this box.

I skipped the August box, which is still available here if anyone is interested.


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