My May 2017 PINCHme box arrived by the end of June. My June box didn’t ship yet, and next Tuesday is sample day again.

There’s still time to join PINCHme and receive July’s box.

Even though PINCHme lets you “choose” which samples you will be getting, sometimes you end up stuck with a selection (this happens, for example, when they say you need to choose “at least 4 samples” and all you can see are 4 samples). So sometimes you will be getting things you don’t want or need, like sleep pills (and there’s even more sleep pills coming in my next box). But sometimes you also get to try some really interesting products you really wanted to try.

In this month, my favorite items were the Vagisil wash (I already bought a full size, but opted for the pH balance version) and the Shea Moisture fragrance free body lotion (which I didn’t buy yet, but only because I couldn’t find it in stores. I will buy it as soon as I can find it). Sometimes my body skin gets a little bit sensitive, so it is nice to have a fragrance free body lotion to use when that happens. And I really liked the formula on this one, it is thick, but it also absorbs quickly.

The other samples were okay, but not thrilling. Yes, the cat liked the Muse cat food, but we will probably stick to our preferred brand. The Pure Leaf iced tea is nice, but it takes so long to brew one glass of tea that I would rather just drink regular hot tea. The Corazonas Heartbar is just okay. And I don’t really need sleep pills.

Overall, I would say this was a great box, since it led me to 2 potencial full size purchases (I just need to find one of the products).


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