Everyday Family  offers samples through the Sampler program. This is my brief review of the items I received on June 2017.


My favorite item was the Explore Cuisine black bean spaghetti. I like that the only ingredient is organic black bean. It is gluten free and taste very nice. The only problem is that the color of the final product is weird lol. But it tastes great and has way less carbs and more protein than regular pasta. I will definitely look for more products to try from this brand.

The other items were okay as well. I still didn’t use the face mask because it requires a long time (something like 30 minutes), so I’ve been saving it for someday with less things in my to do list. I’m also saving the wholey shit product (loved the name of the product lol – those pills help with constipation) for when someone in the household actually needs it. The protein bar was ok in terms of flavor. I’m not a fan of cereal/protein bars, but it is nice to be able to know what’s out there and the benefits. This is a fermented vegan protein that provides digestive support.


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