The Summer 2017 was my second FabFitFun box. This time around I was able to do some customization to my box (but not full personalization since I am not an annual subscriber). I also added one add-on, in the hopes of receiving the box a little bit earlier than last time.

I received the Ruana in the beige color. It’s not my favorite color, but it is not bad either. Now i just have to convince my husband that we need to go to the beach this summer, and I will be able to use this, plus several other items from this box and from the Spring box.

A beach setting would be ideal as well to use the Avene sunscreen. Besides the sunscreen, the Juice Beauty eye concentrate is another product that I will have to wait a little bit before starting to use it – because i still have several other similar products to go over before I open another one.

My bkr water bottle came in blue. I didn’t really need an extra bottle, but I decided to put into use everything in the box. So now I just keep it in the fridge and I always have cold water any time during the day. Yay.

My necklace came in the peach color. I would prefer it in silver, but this gold one is nice as well. My only concern is that it is very small and delicate, and I get afraid I will broke it into pieces every time I use it. Other than that, it is a nice cute small necklace.

The Cargo HD highlighter is another product that I’ve been trying to use regularly. I don’t get highlighters – for me, they don’t make much of a difference – but since this one has a nice formula and color to it, I’ve been using as much as I can.

In terms of options, I chose the Chef and Beauty. The Beauty item was a Klorane dry shampoo. I really like this dry shampoo, and I’ve sample it around the same time via Sephora Play!. So I’m still finishing the mini before I get to the full size. The Chef item was a cute salt kit. While it is very cute to have a mini grater to grate your own salt, I still haven’t actually used it. Gotta try this someday.

The box also included an extra item – Vital Proteins marine collagen. It was supposed to have no taste and you can add to drinks. I can confirm that it does not have any taste, but it does have a very strong marine smell. I almost could not tolerate it.

My add-on was a Productivity Planner by Intelligent Change. I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks now, and I like how it improved my overall productivity. It’s incredible how much you can do when you set clear goals.

Overall, I think it was a nice box. Thanks to detective work from some people in the forums, I was able to know what the options were, and could change from Artist to Chef just in time. And I also knew what the Beauty item would be before being charged.

I’m still unsure if I will keep the box for another season. The items are great, but $50 is still a lot to bet on random items. I guess I will probably wait for the first spoilers before deciding. Last year’s Fall box was great, and almost made me subscribe to the box (I ended up subscribing only this year). I hope this year’s Fall box is as great.


This box is still available and you can subscribe here with $10 off


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