Recently, I was selected to receive my second Daily Goodie Box. This time around I received the box after commenting on Twitter.


What I like about Daily Goodie Box is that they send products for free that you probably still didn’t hear about. I love trying new things. It’s not always a hit, but I really like at least knowing that those products exist and they are an option in the market.

I liked the assortment of this box, with a nice mix of beauty, health, and food items. My favorite item in this box was the Goddess Garden lip balm, even though I was not a fan of the scent I received (lavender mint) – but mostly because this is a great product for the summer time, and a necessity when on the beach. In the “food” category, I would say my favorites were the Mangaloe Detox Water and the Davidsons Organics Coconut Vanilla tea. I really liked the idea behind the Chickpeatos snacks, but I didn’t like the specific flavor I received (zesty ranch). But I will definitely look for this product in my next shopping trips and see if I can try other flavors (I have my eyes set on the Cinnamon Toast one).

Overall, I was very happy with this box, and I wish I receive more boxes in the future. I will keep commenting on their social media channels. I already got one box via Facebook, and another via Twitter. I guess now it’s time to invest on Instagram lol.


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