This time around I received my Walmart Beauty Box right in the beginning of the season, and I was happy to receive exactly what was appearing in the first spoilers.

Overall, I think this was a nice box, and a perfect fit for my demographics (under 35, Trendsetter box). My favorite item in this box was the mask remover sponge. I didn’t know a product like that even existed, and now I can’t remember how life was before it lol. I sometimes use clay mask or mud mask, and it is not easy to remove, especially when it gets very dry. These sponges are great for that purpose.

I also like the fact they included a sample of a makeup brush cleanser. And the nail apliques are nice as well. I still didn’t have the opportunity to try them, but I will certainly use them.

This box also included some old time favorites that are perfect for traveling, like the Simple cleansing wipes, or the Pantene shampoo and conditioner.

The only product that I will probably not use is the styling gel. But I appreciate the fact that they sent something that is actually new and different.

They recently made changes to their website, so I guess now we may expect more variation on the boxes. I’m curious to see what the Fall box will bring.


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