Love With Food is one of my favorite subscriptions, and one that I am always looking for, since I work from home and I am always in need for some tasty and healthy quick snacks.

The June 2017 theme was “You Got This”.

This month, some of the items were not new to me – but they are big hits anyway, so I was glad do find more of them in the box. The familiar items were the Stroopwafel (love placing those on top of my cup of tea!), and the Brazi Bites cheese breads (there was actually a coupon on the box for those, since they should be kept frozen and it would be a little bit complicated to place the actual product in the box).

In terms of the other items, I liked them, but didn’t love anything. The white bean chips are okay. The tortilla chips are nice (but I couldn’t find any differences in terms of taste between the blue corn and the white corn ones). The Grape PB&J sandwiches are nice, but I don’t like to mix savory and sweet things. The almonds were okay – I like the size of the package. The only item I didn’t try was the beef and pork jerky, but that because I don’t eat red meat.

Overall, I think this was an okay box, with many interesting and different snack alternatives.


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