After a long time without receiving anything at all (not even surveys), recently I had the opportunity to try for free the Revitalift Triple Power from Influenster.

I was happy with my current skincare routine, so at first I was a little bit worried to make any changes. But I decided to go ahead and at least try the proposed 14 days of the #RevitaliftChallenge. My first impression is that the moisturizer has a heavy scent, and one that I would expect from a hair care product or something like that. But I managed to get past the scent and started using it for two weeks.

This moisturizer is anti-anging, and as far as I could catch from the letter them sent with the VoxBox and from other people’s posts on the web, they sent this VoxBox to women in early 30s. The idea was to introduce anti-anging concerns to this age group. The problem is that I was already taking care of that area, so, maybe because of that, I couldn’t really notice any difference. In fact, I was trying so hard to notice anything that after two weeks I actually could see some fine lines around my mouth – I am not sure if they were always there and I couldn’t notice it, or if it just popped up right now (and maybe it would have appeared anyway, regardless of me wearing this or any other product).

Overall, what I can take from this is that drugstore products can be just as good as prestige ones when it comes to anti-antiaging and prevetion. As far as ownership, all products I was using prior to this challenge were owned or distributed by L’Oreal or its affiliates (Lancome, Vichy), so maybe in the end it’s all the same thing with different packages on it.

As far as Influenster goes, I wish I could get more than one VoxBox a year – especially when I see that they are doing some great beauty boxes. I just hope I get one before 2018. If not, one box a year for free is still better than nothing.


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