Recently, I had the opportunity to try two Amazon Sample Boxes: the Children’s Snacks Sample Box and the Refreshing Drinks Sample Box. They are not available anymore, but Amazon keeps making those sample box, so if you are interested, you can keep track of all available boxes at

The boxes are not exactly free – you have to pay for them, but you get the same amount you paid as a credit to spend on products from the brands featured on the box. If you plan to buy those items anyway, the box ends up being free.


Children’s Snacks Sample Box

The cost: $4.99

The contents: 10 or more samples

Even though the name says “children’s”, I bought this box for me. I work at home, and I am in constant need for quick snacks (as my break is really short). So having healthy and tasty items on hand is always helpful. I received exactly all the items depicted in the product page.

My favorite items from the box were the Annie’s fruit snacks, the Crispy Green apple snacks, and the Sir Bananas flavored milk. My least favorite (and the only one I couldn’t finish) was the Plum Organics Apple & Banana smoothie. My problem with it is that it has a very strong Cinnamon taste to it (probably to hide the butternut squash). I felt betrayed when trying this because nowhere in the front  you can read the word “cinnamon” on it – and, for me, that was the most prominent flavor.

The other items were nice discoveries as well. I used the credit to buy some dry fruit from Peeled and some flavored sparking water for Nestle (which are not even 1% as good as the Perrier ones you will read about soon in this post).


Refreshing Drinks Sample Box

The cost: $9.99

The contents: 8 or more samples

In this box, all items had sparks to it. I received the exact variations listed on the website. My favorite item was the Green Apple flavored Perrier sparkling water. I was so in love that I used the credit to buy two boxes from this beverage (and also one box from the Grapefruit flavored one — and, yep, the Green Apple is better).

The other items were nice as well – this box didn’t have anything I didn’t like on it – but the Green Apple Perrier changed my life. 0 calories, and it i more like a water and less like a juice – you can get hints of the flavor in the background, and it is not too overpowering.


I like how both boxes led me to discover new products, and also have the opportunity to buy more from my favorites.


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