Recently, my dog Snow had the opportunity to try three supplements from Zesty Paws: Omega Bites, Mobility Bites, and Salmon Oil.

In the picture, Snow is inspecting the bottle of Salmon Oil.

These supplements help your pet (dog or cat) keep being healthy. Omega Bites and Salmon Oil provide skin and coat support, so your furry friend can look great. The Mobility Bites provide help on hip and joints, so your pet can keep running strong.

Snow is still young (2 years), so these products are more to prevent than to treat anything. I could not notice any visible results, but I know that he is gonna be healthier in the long run.

The Omega Bites came in a tube with 90 bites. My dog Snow is small, so the recommended for him is one bite a day. The product has a salmon flavor – Snow daily dog food is fish flavored, so this is right into his comfort zone. But my dog would eat paper or anything that resembles food that appears in front of him, so unfortunately I can’t really evaluate the flavor. I can say that after a couple of days his skin and coat were great, and he had no problems or weird reactions after taking this. My only concern is that the bites are different in terms of size. Some are bigger, some are smaller. Since my dog is small, I’m giving him the smaller bites, and I plan to cut in half the bigger ones. This is not a problem if you are feeding one a day or something, I just don’t know how much or how little of the product will come in a bigger or smaller version. Other than that, it is a nice supplement to give to your dog in order to improve skin and coat, and it also doubles as a treat.

The Mobility Bites also came in a tube with 90 bites. My dog Snow is small, so the recommended for him is one bite a day. These flavored bites provide hip and joint support for your pet. They are soft chews, so it is easy to chew for older dogs. I like the fact that it is a supplement, but yet my dog sees it as a treat. He loves it, and always ask for more (even though he is only supposed to take one a day). He is hyperactive, and hopefully this will help him keep active for a long time.

The Salmon Oil comes in a bottle with a pump. You can spread it over your dog food. My dog is small, so the recommended dosage is something between half a pump and one pump. I used a 1/2 teaspoon measure to make sure I wasn’t giving him too much oil. I spread it over his usual dry food. At first, he seemed a little bit reluctant to eat it, even tried to remove some of his kibble from the bowl. But in the end, he ate everything, and asked for more. His dry dog food is already fish flavored, so he is used to the scent and flavor. Maybe it could be a little bit harder to introduce this product for a pet that is not used to the flavor yet. I like that this product can be combined with what he already eats, and provides tons of benefit, especially to improve his coat.

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