Thanks to Crowdtap, I had the opportunity to try the Shortlist cream and serum.

I didn’t want to, but I fell in love with Shortlist products. The brand is kind of new, but I loved the idea behind it – two products with a short list of ingredients in each one of it. And that’s it. No complicated routines, no complicated ingredients. And what is more surprising is that it actually works.

At first sight, the cream appears to be a little bit thick (it reminded me of the Clinique pep start). But it goes on pretty well on my skin and it doesn’t feel heavy at all. Over time, I could see some of my fine lines disappearing. I also loved the packaging – very minimalist, to go with the brand’s premise. And my kind of sensitive skin was really happy to see that it doesn’t have any added fragrance or colors. Just the short list of ingredients, and nothing more.

The serum comes in a pump, so it is easier to get the product out. Compared to the cream, it has a more liquid consistency. One pump is enough to cover your face, but I use two pumps and cover the neck area as well. It feels very refreshing and prepares your skin for the cream afterwards.

They are kind of pricey, though. Right now, they retail for $94 each. But bear in mind that those are the only products you will need (besides cleanser and sunscreen), so I think that in the long run the price kind of pays off. I know it is a long bet to pay that much for a new brand, but it is actually worth it. I will probably buy more sometime in the future. Right now, I will concentrate on finishing the stack I currently have at home (Lancome, Vichy, and some other really great moisturizers). But I will consider buying Shortlist products as soon as I finish everything I currently have.

In case anyone is wondering – even though it is a new brand, the package says it is distributed by Procter & Gamble, which means they are backed up by a big and reliable company.


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