Thanks to Social Nature I had the opportunity to try for free the Lightlife Veggie Hot Dogs.

They sent a coupon, and I redeemed at my local Kroger family store (Fred Meyer). This was located with the organic / natural products fridge, so it was a little tricky to find them. But now that I know where they are located, it will be easier for future purchases.

The Lightlife Veggie Hot Dogs are actually better than what we were expecting! First, it is completely meat free (the may ingredient is soy). Second, it is super duper easy to prepare. We used the stove top method – just place them in boiling water for 2 minutes, and that’s it. Third, it actually tastes pretty okay. It is not the same as a regular hot dog, or a turkey hot dog, yes, but it has a nice taste to it. And your hot dog will actually look the same. I was very tempted to give it to my husband without telling him that this was a veggie hot dog, but I told him before serving it and he asked for more after trying the first hot dog. Score!

Link for my review on Social Nature. 


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