The Spring 2017 was my second box of samples from SampleSource. They send one box each season, and what I love about them is that you get to select what samples you want. Other sites like PINCHme supposedly let you select what samples you want, but sometimes it’s more like “Here’s your 5 samples – choose 5”, and then you are stuck anyway with something you didn’t want in the first place. SampleSource lets you really choose what you want, and I’m glad they only sent what I asked for.

I really liked some of the items. The Go Organically fruit snacks are great tasting. The waffle flavored cereal bar is actually really nice.

Some of the products were not totally new to me. I received a Breathe Right nose strip in the last box as well. They included a duster from Bona in the previous box, and this time they included the liquid floor product. We have cork floors and this is already what we use to clean them, so we have the full size. But the sample size will be greatly appreciated, since we can use to clean other wood surfaces (like tables).

Overall, I’m pretty happy with my Spring 2017 SampleSource box.


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