Recently, I had my first opportunity of trying a product from 0.8L. They offer Korean products to try for free (or for a low price). I was selected to try for free the Da Mior Bamboo Soap. Even though this is my first review, this was my second time being selected to try a product for free. The first product will arrive next week.



In the past couple days, I had the opportunity to try the Da Mior bamboo leaf luxury soap. The product is a natural handmade soap made with bamboo charcoal powder, bamboo leaf powder, and bamboo extracts. After the production, the soap is aged for 45 days before being distributed to customers. The result is a luxury handmade facial soap bar.

The product comes in a nice package, inside a box. The scent is very pleasant, and exactly what you would expect from a bamboo scented product. As a facial soap bar, it lathers very well. A little seems to go a long way. Washing the face with this product is very refreshing. However, don’t let it get it anywhere near your eye. I accidentally dropped just a tiny amount there and my eye was hurting for some time.

Overall, I think this is a nice facial soap bar. I’m just not sure if a facial soap *bar* is really for me – and I’m not throughly convinced that I would be needing a luxury handmade bar either. While I prefer soap bars for the body, in my face I tend to prefer liquid soaps, since it is easier to use on the sink.


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