After the not so cool April 2017, I think everyone was expecting a better May 2017 Sephora Play! Box. While the box was a little bit better than the April one, I feel there’s still room for some improvement.

The problem with April box was that they included some products that everyone that buys beauty products / and have been subscribing to anything at all in the past year has already sampled several times. They solved this with May, by offering samples of different brands / products. At least  for me, almost all items in the box were completely new and different.

But that doesn’t mean I loved everything. So let’s start by talking about that brown lipstick. It’s not brownish, it’s completely brown. And, honestly, it looked terrible on my skin tone. I tried to layer with other colors, but the result was not that good. The good thing is that I tried a brown lipstick for the first time. The bad is that I found out that this color is definitely not for me.

The highlighter is okay. I mean, I don’t get highlighters. I try to understand them, but I don’t see a practical use for them. Maybe I’m using it wrongly, I don’t know. But at least it was from a brand I had never sampled before, so I’m glad I tried something different.

The Skin Laundry face wash was my favorite item in the box. This is a generous sample, and it is very gentle to the skin. The brand is completely new to me. I liked the formula, and will write down the name for future reference – but, considering all the samples I have, I will probably only need to buy face wash/face soap by 2020.

I’m glad I also had the opportunity to try a belif product for the first time. The Hungarian water essence is nice and refreshing, I’ve been using it between toner and serum in the morning.

I still need to try the hair mask – I save these for when I will have enough patience to wait for the mask to take effect. But I like the fact that it is from yet another brand that is completely new to me.

Finally, they did a completely different bag this month, and I liked it. More like an envelope that can be used for other purposes as well.

I hope June box is a little bit more exciting. Otherwise I will be canceling Play! and consider trying Ipsy.


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