This month’s Love With Food Tasting box had “Savor Every Moment“ as a theme.

Even though I didn’t really liked everything in the box, I actually loved one of the products – so much that after tasting it, I redeemed my points* in their shop so I could have more of it. So my favorite item was the Dolcetto Petites Cookies & Cream Wafer Bites.

The box had other nice things as well, like the Peanut Butter Sandwich Crackers, or the Mandy’s Chocolate Thins. The multigrain croccantini was nice as well, and the apple chips were very crispy.

I’m still reluctant to try the dill pickle chips, in part because I don’t really like pickles – so I will probably not like those chips either. The Wowbutter is actually interesting – it tastes just like peanut butter, but it is made of soy. It’s a nice alternative for anyone that likes peanut butter, but, for some reason (allergy) can’t have peanuts.

Overall, it was a nice box – with hits and misses, but with a great hit.

* You get 50 points for every item you review from the box. Every 50 points equals to 50 cents to spend on the shop, but you can only redeem for a full amount (and not a partial amount), so I needed to have all 1799 points in order to redeem this reward.

** They currently have an offer for $10 off the 6 month subscription plus a free bonus box, which breaks down to $5.85 box – a great deal!


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