I’m glad I resubscribed to Love With Food, especially considering that now I work from home and I need to have some quick snacks for my breaks. I resubscribed using a deal on the 6 month subscription, so I will be getting boxes until September. Yay!

Aprils theme was “Be The Change”. I like how the snacks are a combination of sweet and savory options (although this month it was a little bit more on the sweet side).

The potato chips were nice, I couldn’t tell any difference in terms of taste to any other famous potato chips. And it had just the right amount of salt considering my taste (I don’t like when food has too much salt on it).

I wish I liked the ginger candies (because of all the benefits linked to it), but the flavor was just too strong for me.

The almond pops with blueberries are actually very nice. I was surprised with the flavor on the GFB bites. I was expecting something much more sweet than it really is, probably because the product is visually similar to the Brazilian “brigadeiro”. Luckily, they don’t taste not at al similar (for the, the “brigadeiro” is too sweet).

I didn’t really like the Burt Bee’s shake the first time I tried via PINCHme, so I didn’t try the sample this time.

Overall, I think it was a nice box, and I tried and liked almost all the items!

Right now, there is a good deal for the 6 month subscription. Choose the 6 month plan and use the code SUPERMOM at checkout for $10 off, and an extra box with $20 worth of products.


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