Recently, I got my second Exactly box. The Spring 2017 was packed with a random assortment of samples.

The problem with free boxes is that sometimes you end up getting a couple of items that you might not find an immediate use. In this box, this was the case for the SIM card and the hairspray. I will use them once the need arises, but right now I didn’t need them.

But I tried the other items and I loved some of them. My favorite item was the Sleepytime tea. It is perfect to drink at night before bed. I will probably buy more when I spot this at my Grocery store.

The candy was another family favorite. We took them on a road trip, and everyone loved them. My personal favorite was the apple one, but all three flavors are great.

I also used the Cascade dishwasher detergent, and it did a great job. I like how it combines 3 products in one. I will consider buying this in the future, after I finish using my current dishwasher detergent.

Again, I really loved the opportunity of trying products that are new to me, and I hope I get more exciting new products in the future. It’s only the second box, but this is already one of my favorite “free” subscription boxes.


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