Thanks to Crowdtap, I had the opportunity to try a set of eye makeup products from Revlon. I was impressed with how great they are, although I couldn’t find a practical use for some of them. See each individual review below:


The Revlon ColorStay creme eye shadow has a great pigmentation. I like how the eye shadow comes with an embedded brush in the bottom. The color I received (730) is nice, like sparkling gold. It’s very discrete in my skin tone, just adding a little bit of glow to the eye lids. I don’t use eye shadows very often – only on special occasions – but this can definitely be my to go color for when I find the need to use it.

The Revlon Super Length Mascara does exactly what the name says – it gives your lashes a super length. I like the formula and how quick it dries. I’m a little bit clumsy, so having a fast drying mascara is always great. With two coats, my lashes were full and perfect. The price is great, so if you are looking for a everyday mascara with a good value, you may just have found it!

The Revlon ColorStay brow pencil is a nice addition to my makeup routine. I have dark hair/eyebrows, so I used the Dark Brown color. The pencil has two sides: one with the color, and the other one with a brush. Use the color to fill out any missing spots in your brows and the brush to keep it all in one direction. The result is pretty natural, as if my eyebrows were naturally full.

I have really thick eyebrows, so I couldn’t really find a good use for the Revlon ColorStay brow crayon. I used it in dark brown, which matches my eyebrows color. I can definitely see a use for people with eyebrows that are not that full, since you can use it to fill it out empty spaces. But if you already have thick eyebrow like me, maybe the brow pencil will be more useful.

I’m usually a little bit conservative when it comes to eye makeup. So even though the Revlon ColorStay 2 in 1 angled Kajal eyeliner has multiple purposes, I ended up using it only to draw a line under the eyes. and in the bottom of my eyelid. But other than that, this is the perfect tool if you want to be a little bit more bold and do smokey eyes, since it comes with a brush. You can even draw thick lines since this eye pencil is angled. It’s a nice additional to your makeup collection, even if it is just for drawing a single line under your eye (like a did), because the formula is nice and it is easy to apply.


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