This month, I had yet another mission from vitafusion at Smiley360Smiley360: vitafusion Simply Good Complete Multivitamin and Vitamin D3.

Before starting, it is important to disclose that I regularly take vitafusion multivitamins, so I am familiar with the brand, and will be comparing two products of the same brand for the same purpose.

The Simply Good is a new line of products that have fruits and honey in their composition. The multivitamin has a blackberry flavor, whereas the D3 has a blueberry flavor. The differences in the actual taste were very subtle, and I think I would say I slightly prefer the blueberry flavor.

Vitamin D3 is a daily need specially here in the Pacific Northwest, since we have rain almost daily. The sun appears in rare moments. So the need for an extra boost of vitamin D is natural. Those gummies are interesting. They have a blueberry and honey flavor, and are coated with sugar. The taste is not bad, but I felt that the honey flavor is too strong (which could be bad if you don’t like honey), and also I could totally go without the sugar coating. Other than that, it is nice to have this conveniently shaped vitamin to take everyday.

The Complete Multivitamin is very similar in terms of taste. Compared to the regular multivitamin from the same brand, I would say this one is sweeter (which for me is bad). The honey flavor comes through, stronger than the blackberry. And the sugar coating could be dispensed. Other than that, it has all the nutrients one needs to start a day.

In terms of price, they both cost around $12, and come with enough product to last for 2 months (if you take 2 gummies a day as the recommended portion).

I received free products for the purpose of this review. Opinions are 100% my own.


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