In the last day of February 2017 I finally manages to get some PINCHme samples. And I also qualified for a product trial from Band-Aid. Here’s my review of both.

February 2017 box

I’m saving the scar bandage for when someone from my family actually needs it. I like the idea behind the Benefiber sticks. It’s a tasteless powder you can add to any liquid food and it will not interfere with the flavor but add fiber to it. I tried with juice and couldn’t note anything different. The Sensodyne Deep Clean toothpaste is a sample of the same product I received via BzzAgent last month. It’s nice to have a travel sized version of it. And last but not least, the Slimfast Chocolate shake is really good tasting, but I’m not on a diet, so I don’t see a need to actually buy it. I was full for at least 4 hours after tasting it. 
Band-Aid trial 

There are several things I loved about the Band-Aid Skin-Flex bandages. It’s discrete – you can completely forget that the bandage is there. It comes in three convenient sizes – so you can use the one that’s the best fit for the size of your injury. And it is not sticky – the material is so soft that you can forget you are using a bandage, at the same time that you can move your skin more freely. I’m pretty clumsy, so this is my new to-go bandage for all the daily small injuries. I wore one for 3 days just because I completely forgot it was there LOL. I took 3 showers and it didn’t fell off. Very resistant! 


2 thoughts on “PINCHme: February 2017 + Band-Aid

  1. Ok i tried clicking on your post title and can leave a comment now. I recommend having a “leave comment” button or link in future so it’s easier to find. Or hide the rest of your post so one needs to click into post to read the rest and subsequently comment🤗 I hope you’ll stop by my blog too!

    I need to buy some band aids…and it’s nice to know these don’t leave behind sticky gunk. I was contemplating those liquid bandages though since I have a toddler who might not like having a band aid stuck to her finger. Have you tried those?


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