Recently, Crowdtap gave me the opportunity to try for free the Almay Healthy Glow Makeup + Self Tan. They sent two shades so I could pick which one would be better, and gift the other one to a friend.

The Almay Healthy Glow is a new drugstore product that combines a foundation coverage with a gradual self-tanning product. When you press the pump, you can actually see two different products coming out, and you have to mix them for a better result. Compared to a regular self-tanner, this has the benefit of not being so strong (since it is actually mixed with the foundation), and the smell is tolerable. Compared to a regular foundation, it has the benefit of gradually improving your skin color (hence the name “Healthy Glow”) because of the self-tanning benefits. The medium color (300) was ok for me in terms of foundation (I give the 200 as a gift to a friend). I couldn’t really see a lot of difference in terms of self-tanning, but I believe it is positive the fact that my face didn’t turn orange (like some self-tanners would cause it to happen), so overall I believe it was good. Also, I don’t know if there was something wrong with my bottle, but most of the time I would notice that I was getting way more foundation than self-tanner (which is not exactly a problem for me, but might be for someone expecting more self-tanning and less foundation).

I’m not sure if I will buying this again, but I will definitely look for the regular foundations from Almay because I loved the consistency and the coverage.


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