Recently, I received a coupon from Crowdtap to try one of the versions of the Silk Protein Nutmilk. I went to my local Kroger Family store and redeemed the coupon for the Vanilla Protein Nutmilk.

My experience with milk substitutes was always with products there were too liquid to consider it “milk”. But everything changed after I met the Silk Protein Nutmilk. This nutmilk is composed of a blend of almonds, cashews, and peas. I really liked the consistency, as it is really close to whole milk, but dairy free. I used my coupon from Crowdtap to redeem the Vanilla version of the product, and I really loved the taste. It’s a subtle vanilla flavor, not too overpowering. I don’t like the actual flavor of regular milk, so having a great tasting vanilla flavored milk substitute is awesome!

I still didn’t cook with this particular product, but I used Silk almond milk on a cake last month and it tasted great, just like it would taste with a regular dairy milk.


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