The cost: $5 per season

The products: samples of skincare and makeup items sold at Walmart (drugstore items)

My Spring 2017 Walmart Beauty Box came very early compared to the previous seasons. I received my box right after the first spoilers started to come out. Even though it is a good box for $5, this was not one of my favorite boxes (my top favorite is still the Fall 2016 box).

This is the Trendsetter box. I used to subscribe to both variations, but I canceled one of the subscriptions after realizing I was getting almost two identical boxes every season.

For me, it is an okay box, but my problem with it is that it came with a lot of repeats.

I received this exact Neutrogena lip product (in the exact same color) in the March 2017 Target Beauty Box. The good part is that I actually liked it, so I have more for when the first sample runs out.

The Dove deodorant sample is a repeat from the same Fall 2016 box that I loved.

The Gliss shampoo and conditioner is new to me, but I have so many shampoo and conditioner samples that I will probably just leave those for the next road trip. The same goes for the Colgate toothpaste (I love to have these on hand when traveling by plane).

The John Frieda Frizz Ease conditioner is my favorite item in the box – it is new to me, and I loved how my hair was pretty smooth after using it. No frizz. Great discovery!

The Bioré baking soda scrub is also new to me. However, right now I don’t need a product to fight acne, so I will probably just set it aside for when the need arises.

Overall, it was just an okay box, full of “travel essentials”. It has a great value (considering that I paid only $5), and the new box format is really cute.


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