The cost: $49.99 per season (it is easy to find coupons for $10 off the first box)

The products: full-size beauty, lifestyle and fitness items

FabFitFun was a subscription that I always followed closely, but never really subscribed to. Every season, the box would sell out before we could see the complete spoilers. But this time they revealed all items before the box sold out, so I was able to subscribe for it already knowing what to expect.

Even though this box is a little bit more expensive than the others, if you add up the amount for the year, it is not really that expensive. 1 year of Sephora Play! costs $120, whereas 1 year of FabFitFun costs $200 (actually, $190, considering the $10 off coupon I used for the first box). So it is really not that bad. And the value is totally there, since this box carries a lot of full sized items

This was my Spring 2017 box. Some of the items had variations (such as in the color of the lipstick, nail polish, roundie or bag, or in the option between earring or bracelet), and I liked the variations I received, except for one item (more on this later).

The Gypsy roundie seems to be a nice option to take to the beach. The same goes for the Milly zip pouch, since it is water resistant – it’s probably great to carry a wet bikini. So I didn’t use those items yet.

The Emerald Duv bracelet seems nice, and it fits okay. I don’t really know how to use a bracelet, but I will probably only wear it in warmer days, since it fits better in the middle of my arm. We’re still having long sleeve weather here in the Pacific Northwest.

The Deborah Lippmann nail polish duo is really cute. I received the pink variation (subscribers would receive either pink or blue, together with a white one). These are really sheer, so you would need to apply several layers to get your nails to the color of the bottle. These seem okay for everyday use, for when you don’t have time to do a complete manicure.

I’m saving the Karuna face masks for later, since you have to wear it for like 20 minutes. But I really like those sheet masks for when you want to have a “me moment”. You can feel like you were in a spa, even at home. And the box came with 4 masks, so I will have 4 spa moments in the future.

I already sampled the Dr. Brandt exfoliator in the past, thanks to Birchbox. And I was happy to see it included in full size in this box. This product retails for $79, so this bottle alone is more than the cost of the whole box. Compared to the sample I had before (with a different bottle color), this one has more like a citrus scent. Other than that, it is the same formula. Since it is a really strong exfoliator, I only use it once a week. My sample lasted for 2 months, so this bottle will probably last a loooooong way.

The Briogeo leave-in conditioner was a nice discovery. I really loved how soft my hair felt after using it. I didn’t really loved the scent, but I can get used to it.

The item I really didn’t like (in terms of variation received) was the RealHer lip kit. Subscribers could receive one of three colors: nude, pink and deep red. I would be okay with any of the first two, but I ended up receiving the deep red one. And since it has a matte finish, I am sure I will not like it. I prefer using lighter tones in my lips, and I’m not a fan of the matte ones. So my kit is still closed. I will probably give it to someone else that will end up using it. It comes with a lipstick, a gloss, and a lip pencil.

Also on the box there was a bottle of Nature’s Bounty Hair, Skin & Nails Gummies. I’ve sampled these before on the Walmart Beauty Box, but it was interesting to see a bigger bottle. These gummies are amazing, with strawberry flavor. This is considered an extra item and was only shipped to US addresses (and not to Canadian subscribers).

Overall, I was really impressed with the box value. They managed to fit a lot of items in a $49.99 box. I’m more excited with the beauty items, but I liked how everything is useful and Spring/Summer related. I will continue as a seasonal subscriber and see what will come in the Summer box.

If you want to be able to choose colors and variations, they also offer an annual subscription (in which you prepay for 4 boxes). As an annual subscriber, you get to select your variations, and also get to receive your box before everyone else. But I will probably continue as a seasonal subscriber (= pay for each box each season), at least for now.

If you want to join, the Spring box is still available. Follow this link and use the coupon code MSA10 (from MySubscriptionAddiction) to save $10 on your first box (or on the annual subscription if you want to pay upfront).



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