My most recent sampling experience with Crowdtap was with Secret Clinical Strength antiperspirant and deodorant. This opportunity came with a great timing: I was facing problems with my current deodorant, as the product as not holding the whole day anymore.

I’m fell in love with the Secret Clinical Strength antiperspirant and deodorant right after the first use. Before, when I used another deodorant, I usually had to reapply several times throughout the day, just in case. With this product from Secret, I can just apply once and rest assured that it will last all day. I can perform all my daily activities not having to worry if I sweat too much. The scent is lovely too, not too overpowering, but yet with enough fragrance that you know you are still using the product.

My only concern is the price. It comes with about half the size of a regular deodorant, and it costs an average of $7.99 per bottle. I know it is totally worthy it, especially during the summer (when we tend to sweat a lot), but part of me still wants to keep looking for the ideal deodorant. For now, I think I will just buy my next stick when the one I got from Crowdtap ends, and resume the search for other alternatives in the future (maybe next Fall?).


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