Thanks to SocialNature I had the opportunity to try two flavors of the Sunwarrior Illumin8 plant based meals. This was my first time receiving samples from SocialNature.


I had high expectations when trying the Illumin8 plant-based organic meals, especially because of the flavors I received to try: Aztec Chocolate, and Vanilla Bean. I mixed the package with 12oz of almond milk, and added a couple of large strawberries to the mix. I really like the result, especially for the chocolate flavored one. The flavor is not great, but it is not terrible either. You can definitely sense the chocolate notes. I have tried some plant-based shakes before, and they all tasted a little bit earthy to me. But I didn’t feel that with this nutritional shake from Sunwarrior. The flavor is actually nice. Since this is a heavy shake packed with nutrients, I ended up not being able to drink everything in one go, so I refrigerated half of the prepared product and consumed it later in the same day. This is a nice way to consume all the required nutrients for a day, with a nice flavor, and great ingredients.

I like the idea behind SocialNature, in which you can receive samples and coupons to try natural products. I will definitely be on the look for more samples to try.


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