The cost: $7 (regularly $5-$10, varying each month)

The products: samples of skincare and makeup items sold at Target (quantities and sizes vary each month)

It’s been a while since I last bought a Target Beauty Box, but I decided to give it a try after seeing the spoilers for the March 2017 box.


Even though I currently have more samples than I can actually use, I was excited about this box because it was cheaper than previous months ($7 instead of $10), and also because of the contents were all new to me. I have sampled products from most of the brands before, but never those specific products.

The Dove Refresh dry shampoo was new to me. Dry shampoo is a relatively new concept to me, and it is something I discovered through subscription boxes. I had never tried a dry shampoo from Dove before. I like the fact that it doesn’t leave a white residue on the hair. But, honestly, I couldn’t see any difference between before and after application (except for the scent). My hair was smelling really good, but, other than that, roots were still appearing oily for me. Recently, I went ahead and bought my first bottle of the Batiste dry shampoo, and, compared to that, I would still choose the Batiste one. But it was nice to have the opportunity to try this one from Dove.

The Neutrogena lip gloss was a new discovery to me. It is very soft to the lips. And I finally received a lip product on a Target Beauty Box that came in a color that I will actually use – before that, it was all reds and dark reds. I loved this pink tone I received, it gives just a hint of color. But the star of the box, for me, was the MISSHA essence. In this case, both the brand and the product were completely new to me. I’m not very familiar with Korean skincare products, but I loved the product itself. I applied with a cotton pad after cleansing instead my regular toner, and my skin felt so refreshed and moisturized that one day I actually forgot to apply the moisturizer afterwards. Loved it! And I also loved the fact that the sample has a fair size – enough for me to decide with I will buy more or not. Score!

The SoapBox shampoo and conditioner was a triple discovery to me (brand and products). I really liked the idea behind the brand (you buy a product and donate a soap), and I wished it wowed me, but it was just ok. Not bad, but not great either. Just an okay shampoo and conditioner. The Skinfix cleanser was another nice discovery, but just the product was new to me, not the brand. It is very lightweight, and has a fresh cucumber scent. And seems to be gentle enough to use twice a day. My only problem is that I have so many cleanser samples that I don’t see myself buying cleansers for a long time!

Finally, the box also included a sample of the Jergens wet skin moisturizer / tanner. I didn’t use it yet because the weather is not calling for tanned legs yet. It is still rainy outside, and I will probably be wearing lots of layers of clothes for some time. So I will just keep this sample closed until the weather calls for a hint of glow.

Overall, it was a great box for me. I am glad I went ahead and bought it.

Target Beauty Boxes are usually available in the first Monday of each month – sometimes before the actual month starts, depending on which day of the week the first day of the month falls. The “March” box was available on February 27. They usually sell out in the first day they go on sale. You can check here when they are available (right now it will be showing as sold out, and the full size versions of the products featured in the current box).




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