The cost: $18 per box

The products: 3-4 gourmet candies from smaller companies

The Prime Surprise Sweets is a new subscription model by Amazon. You buy an Amazon dash button, and, every time you press the button, you will receive a box with a random selection of gourmet candy from small brands (hence the name Surprise Sweets). Every box is $18, so it is a little bit more pricey (above my $10 threshold for a subscription box). But you can decide when to receive each box, so I like the idea behind the dash button subscription.

Since they are promoting small brands, don’t expect a high value out of your box. You will actually get about $18 worth of products, but nothing more. Every box comes with around 3-4 full sized items, and 1 small extra sample.

What I got in my box the first time I pressed the button:

  • Tony’s Chocoloney 51% Dark Chocolate Bar with Pecans and Coconut
  • Nutwhats Cashew Coconut Scribble
  • Salt of the Earth Bakery The Cookie
  • Dylan’s Candy Bar Chocolate, Milk S’mores Square (extra sample, very small)

What I thought:

Maybe this is not for me. I would rather spend $18 in candies I already like than to spend that amount to try things I may not like that much. I’m not a huge fan of dark chocolate, so the chocolate bar was just ok (I couldn’t stop imagining how good that combination would be with milk chocolate instead of 51% dark chocolate). The scribble was okay as well – it reminded me of the Brazilian coconut rapadura, a hyper sweet candy made out of sugar, butter, lechera (condensed milk) and coconut. I didn’t really liked the salty chocolate chip cookie – it is too salty for me. But I was actually excited to try, since this was a very new and different thing for me.

My favorite candy was actually the extra sample by Dylan’s LOL. I liked it, but still not enough to make me want to buy more of the product.

I guess I will stick with Lindt, Godiva, and Hershey’s. I sometimes buy candies from small companies or made by artisans, but I would rather be able to choose the actual flavors. But I will probably press the button again sometime in the future, just to see what I will be getting.

Hack tip: right after you press the button, you can see your order invoice (available only on the web, not on Amazon app) to check what items you will be getting. If you don’t like the selection, you can cancel the order and try pressing the button again later.


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