Recently, I had the opportunity to try the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence Eye. I received a complimentary product from BzzAgentThat’s the second thing I ever got from them in about one year as a member. I was very excited to try it because it is a very promising eye treatment that helps with dark circles. In terms of dark circles, I am practically a panda. No matter how many hours I sleep at night, I will always have dark circles in the morning. It’s just a question of how intense they will be. So that’s why I started using eye creams in my late 20s, and I am happy to try anything (well, except surgery*) that can help with that.

I’ve been using the SKII Facial Treatment Essence Eye for about 30 days now and I must say that it is a great treatment for the eye area. It is important to know that the product addresses dark circles and fine lines in the eye area. It is not an eye cream per se, it acts more like a serum (it’s like a lightweight cream). I wish I could say that I don’t have dark circles anymore, but unfortunately that’s not how the product works. It won’t erase the dark circles (for that we have concealers and a good night of sleep), but it will be like a treatment to help slowly reduce a little bit of the appearance of them. So maybe the difference is not that notably, but I can tell it actually works somehow. The area around my eyes look healthier, and brighter. I can notice no puffiness. This may not be the best choice for someone that never used eye creams or serums before. But it might be the perfect solution for those that, like  me, have permanent dark circles in the face and will do anything to minimize them a little.

Like everything else for the eye area, it is a little bit pricey, with a $95 price point. In comparison, I paid $72 for the eye cream I currently use (from Lancome), and it comes with the same amount of product. Eye cream is one of the things I have no problem spending a little bit more so I can actually get results. I’m still on the fence about this particular item, not sure if I will buy more when it ends. But since I still have about half of the tube, I will keep using it,  along with my regular eye cream. In my experience, a 15ml tube like this would last about 3-4 months.

* As for the surgery, when I was 15, my sister took me to a carboxytherapy session on her under eye area. She wanted to show me how simple and easy it would be to get rid of dark circles. But something went wrong and her eye got swollen and she started bleeding. I fainted. In the end, everybody on the clinic was split between helping my sister (who had the problem) and me (who fainted watching it), and it was a little bit of chaos. A couple minutes later her eye was back to normal, but I swore that I would never do any procedures in my eye and I would learn how to live happily with my dark circles. That was when I was introduced to concealers and I am very thankful to them ❤


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