The cost: $10

The products: 5 makeup or skin care products + 1 perfume sample + 1 cosmetics bag

Sephora Play! February 2017 was a box full of basics – products that we can actually use daily. Not all products were really new to me, but I really liked the selection.

The Clinique Pep-Start moisturizer was not new for me. Last year, I bought this as a full size at a Sephora store (using one of my Sephora Play! passes). I really wanted to love this moisturizer, but it is a little bit too moisturizing (if that is even possible), so if I use it continually, my skin breaks out. I kind of use when I will apply makeup in the morning (as a moisturizer + prime combo), and sometimes at night as a “night cream”. It is nice to have a travel sized version of it though.

This box included 2 lip products, one that I loved and one that I hated. The loved one was the Tarte quench lip rescue, a mint flavored nude lip balm. I really loved it, and will probably buy a full size next time I stop by a Sephora store (so I can redeem the extra 50 points). The hated one was the Too Faced lip injection. The idea of a lip injection is to try to enlarge your lips, so some tingling was expected. But I really didn’t like the sensation, and after a couple of minutes, all I wanted to do was to remove the product and forget about it. This is not exactly a problem, because I know someone that would love a product like this (my sister), so this will make someone else happy.

I have so many mascara samples, that I didn’t actually try the Lashcraft by Sephora sample yet – will do it later. The Origins eye cream is great, very lightweight and refreshing. As someone that comes from a “panda” family (everyone has dark circles in my family), I can actually perceive differences between eye creams. And this one felt great. Not sure about visible results, though…

Finally, there’s the perfume sample – in my box, I received Prada Candy. I normally don’t like sweet fragrances, but I actually liked this one. It’s more like a subtle vanilla candy scent. I actually liked it, but maybe not enough to make me want to buy the full size.

Overall, it was another good box, with hit and misses – but luckily with great hits to compensate the not so nice misses. And I love that every month now they are playing with the bags colors and textures too. This month box was a silky beige bag.


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