I didn’t qualify for any samples from PINCHMe in January. But since their December boxes ran a little bit later, I ended up receiving one box in the end of the month anyway. So it almost felt like I didn’t skip a month after all.

This box also included a coupon for a free Barilla Basil Pesto Sauce. I still have to redeem that coupon. Last time I checked at my traditional grocery store it was not available. They had every single variation of Barilla sauces except the Basil Pesto one. I’m sure to check back again next time I go shopping. I just don’t want to have to go to a different store.

As for the other samples, I already had the chance to try them all. The SlimFast snack was great – and even though it tasted great, it had only 100 calories!! What I liked the most about the Bella wet dog food sample was the convent size. My dog is small, so having a smaller tray is better than having to open an entire can every time we just want to give him some wet food. I really didn’t like the Burt Bee’s shake – I think plant/protein based shakes are not for me. I’d rather eat a full portion of vegetables and fruits instead of these types of shakes. The Olay body wash is interesting as well (nice scent, great lathering), but I still prefer using soap bars for their convenience.

Overall, it was an interesting box, with completely new products for me. I hope I get something new next week on February sample day.


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