Thanks to Crowdtap, I received products from Suave Professionals Honey Infusion range to try for free: shampoo, conditioner, and a leave-in conditioner (full-sizes!).

My previous experience with Suave hair products is not the best. Suave basic hair products, for me, are cheap and too basic. It does the job, but it is not very good at it. Suave Professionals is a special line that tries to change this view, with better quality products and ingredients. I didn’t know they had two lines (Essentials and Professionals), so receiving this product to try for free was an interesting way to learn that there are two types of hair products from Suave.

The Honey Infusion range has products that help strengthening the hair, supposedly with the same power as much more costly salon products (not sure about this part of the claim). What I did like about it was the smell (OMG, I wanted to eat that shampoo!) and how my hair felt in the day I washed it. My problem is that during winter I like to wash my hair every other day. And while this product is great in the day I wash my hair, the problem arises in the other day. After a good night of sleep, my hair didn’t look that great again. And so maybe this product would be better during summer, or for people that tend to wash the hair daily. Or maybe my hair was so badly damaged that I need to keep using it for a couple more months to actually see the results. Either way, I was expecting some kind of miracle and it didn’t happen. It is just a daily shampoo with a great scent, that leaves your hair fabulous in the day you wash it, but not so great in the next day (and in the morning after).

The leave-in conditioner actually did a good job in helping strengthening my hair, so it might be a good addition to my hair routine. But I’m not sure about the shampoo and the conditioner, at least not during winter. Maybe during summer, where pools and beaches force us to wash our hair daily, this product will be great for me again.


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