I love elf cosmetics and all their cheap and great makeup products, but I must say I had a little online shopping adventure in my last purchase. At the end of 2016, they were running a sale with great offers. Additionally, they were offering a gift with purchase to be added to orders over $25. I decided to take advantage of both offers and chose $25 worth of merchandise, combining sale and non sale items, added the GWP code, and placed my order.

The saga started in 01/29. After a couple of days, I thought it was weird they didn’t send it yet, and I discovered they were having problems shipping out holiday purchases. Two weeks after the purchase, I sent an email. They apologized for the delay and said they were about to ship my order. I waited. When I received the shipping notice email, I realized that there were 2 items missing and no gift with purchase. So I went on with my first complaint. After a couple email interactions, they simply stopped answering. Then I sent a message to them via Facebook. Eventually, I got the refund for the difference and they told me they would send the GWP. (Tip: if you ever have any future problems with them, try Facebook Inbox – it seemed to be the best way to contact them).

(And then Fedex kind of lost my original package. It was “out for delivery” for 3 days, but, eventually, they found it and delivered to me. This part I didn’t even told elf because I was already complaining about too much things at the same time and technically this time it was not their fault. 😛 )

When I did received my package, I realized there was another item missing, so I went on to ask another refund. And today, 01/24, I received the gift with purchase in a separate box.

So, a summary of the saga:

I bought 15 items + gift with purchase.

Almost one month later, I received 12 items + gift with purchase, and had two partial refunds.

Despite all the mess, I am vey happy with my purchase and with the gift. In total, after all refunds, I ended up spending around $16 + taxes.

I like elf and I knew that they would do everything to make it right, even though it could take a little while. It appears they are back to their normal operations now, so if you’re interested, you can order products from them. They don’t have a huge sale on right now, but they are offering a gift with purchase with $25+ (and free shipping with all orders). For me, the major difference between buying from elf website versus buying from somewhere else where you can buy their products (like Target or Ulta) is the occasional gifts with purchases, so you can get more with your money and get to try new products.

Ok, and a little about the actual purchase: I was curious to try their lip exfoliator, which arrived today as a gift with purchase. I also wanted some more nail polish removers that were on sale, and a couple new lipsticks for daily use in colors that are not too strong (elf lip products are great). I added the rest just to get to the minimum to get the gift with purchase.

Besides this purchase, my favorite product from them is the under eye primer. I also use a lot their lip balms (they have some untinted ones that are great for everyday use and to reapply all the time). I heard that their mineral primer is great, very similar to Smashbox photo finish primer, but I still didn’t have a chance to try because I received so many primer samples in subscription boxes that I probably won’t need any primer in the next year or so.

After all the saga, I am happy with what I got and how elf handled the situation. 🙂


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