I received my Winter 2016 (or 2017?) Walmart Beauty Box and I have mixed feelings about it. Supposedly, I received the Trendsetter box, which is aimed for “young” people, up to 35 years old. But this box has some items that make me believe that they just put there whatever was available in stock. Anyway, for $5 each season, you can’t beat the price of this cheap subscription box, so I will continue to be a subscriber and hope for a better curation next season.

The cost: $5

The frequency: one new box every season

The options: Trendsetter (up to 35) and Classic (35+). You can subscribe to both (I did for a while, but I received almost identical boxes, so I picked just one).


My main complaint about this particular box is the Ponds cream. Why would a young person (remember, this is the Trendsetter box) want a facial cream that claims to “visible reduces wrinkles in 2 weeks”??? Besides that, i had already sampled this before thanks to PINCHme and I didn’t like it – it is heavy scented, and my skin felt weird when I used it. So I didn’t like to see it again on this box, specially considering my age preference.

But my issues continue, as this box also includes a Dove body wash (I got one in almost all Walmart beauty boxes so far – including in Fall 2016 – , and also in other boxes as well). I am allergic to Dove soap formula. My skin gets al itchy when I use it. So this is yet another sample to go to the donations pile.

I was actually curious to try this Curel in-shower moisturizer, so that sample was ok because it was new to me. My skin actually got itchy after trying (my skin is somewhat sensitive, especially during Winter), but I am glad I had the opportunity to try it, so no complaints here.

There are two shampoo foil packets in the box as well. I just wish they were bigger samples, because those packets are good for one use only, and I can’t decide if I like a shampoo or not out of just one use.

For me, the item that “saves” the box is the Covergirl mascara. But it is also the only item I haven’t tried yet. One of the things I learned during the brief period I was a Birchbox subscriber is that our makeup and skincare items don’t last long, they usually stop working and may be bad for us after some time. And for mascaras, this timeframe is very small – after something between 3 to 6 months after opening the package, your mascara is already ruined (or at least may start to become harmful for you). This is all to say that, since I have several other mascaras currently opened, and this one is a full sized one, I will wait a couple more months to try this product. But i like the fact it is a full sized product that costs more than $6 included in a a $5 box.

So, even if I ignore all the items I didn’t like in my Walmart Beauty Box, I still think I got a good deal (with a full size mascara and a Curel sample). I just hope that the Spring box comes with more new interesting and useful items.


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