eBook inBox is a new book subscription that promises a delivery of new ebook releases every month. They offer a customization so you can select the genres that interest you. The cost is $7.99 a month, which seems to be fair considering the amount of books in the first batch. For a limited time, they are offering the first month for free, so if you are interested in trying, you can just go there and sign up.

I subscribed early on and received my first “box” in December. This is my review of my free first month.

I didn’t really like the books offered to me. Maybe it was my mistake (I should have calibrated my preferences better), or maybe this subscription is just not for me. I’m still not sure if I will give it another try, or just cancel (right now, my subscription is paused). $7.99 is a good price (and within my budget), but I feel I can pick 2-3 discounted ebooks every month with this same amount. Amazon keeps promoting great sales for their Kindle books – like the ones they made during the end of last year, in which I bought a lot of great ebooks for $1.99 or $2.99 each. Even though they are not exactly new releases, I like to be able to choose what I read. And what I felt with eBook inBox (at least the very first month) is that I really didn’t like the selection.

From the books that were offered to me (4 books + 2 extras), I picked one to read – the one that seemed to be “less bad”. I read Alpha Prez and the First Lady’s Secret Weapon, by Kendall Grey. I like the fact that they send the book to your Kindle via Kindle email (I had to set it up, though), so it goes straight to your library. The book plot was weird so I was not expecting much. It is a light reading, about a soon-to-be president (and a first lady, of course) that also fight organized crime. Honestly, this is not my type of book. Normally, I would have abandoned the reading at around 20%, but I kept on so I could finish at least one book from the subscription. It was okay as an entertainment reading, but this is definitely not my style.

Overall, I think all books were more geared towards a YA public. And it makes sense, considering this subscriptions is from the same creators of Lit Cube. If you like reading ebooks, I would suggest that you definitely give a try to this subscription. If you like what you get, go ahead. If not, there are other ebook offers out there (like Kindle First and Kindle Owners Lending Library).


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