It’s that time of the year when we review our reviews to make a list of the best of the previous year. Here are my favorite cheap subscription boxes for 2016. 

#2 May 2016 Serendipity by LLB

The price: $9.99

The runner up position goes to Serendipity by LLB May 2016 box. This was the first box I bought from them, and made me wanted to become a subscriber. Back then, each box was $9.99 (now it is a little bit more, $12.99). Those items were so random, soooo random, that I just had to subscribe to see what else I would get in the following months. Where else would I get a pink nail polish, two stemless wine glasses, an insulated tote, a rosemary flavored salt and a caramel popcorn all in the same box for less than $10??? 

#1 Target Clean Care Box

The price: $5

For me, all things considered, the best cheap subscription box of 2016 was the Target Clean Care Box. This was a collaboration box with Cotonelle that was sold for $5. Among other things, it included a roll of toilet paper. It deserves the title because I used every single item in this box (including the toilet paper 😂) and also had the opportunity to discover new products (flushable wet towels) and new brands (skinfix). It had a great value, and left me wishing for more Target sponsored boxes.

And for you, what were the best cheap subscription boxes of 2016? 


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