Every once in a while, Amazon offers some new sample boxes, with products you can try. In December 2016, they released several new boxes, including Amazon Luxury Box, and Amazon Beauty Box. Here’s my review of both boxes (the Luxury Box is still available for $19.99 for Prime members). I know these are a little bit over my budget (of $10 or less), but I thought they were good deals considering we can get the full price back in credit to buy full size versions of the products featured.

Amazon Beauty Box – December 2016

The price: $12.99 (with $12.99 credit to spend on full size versions of the products featured).


I confess that originally I wasn’t going to buy this box. Even though they are all basic products, there isn’t much that interests me here. But I thought it would be a good idea to try the Aveeno gentle body wash, so I gave it a try. The value was definitely there (the box includes a full size Gilette Venus, and some great deluxe samples), so I thought, why not? I think that maybe Amazon read my mind or something like that, because my box had 2 bottles of the Aveeno body wash (and no bottle of the Aveeno lotion, that was supposed to be included). I didn’t complain or anything because that product was the main reason I bought the box, so having 2 of it to try would not exactly be a problem 😛

Overall, I think it was an ok box, with practical and useful products – including travel sized deodorant, shampoo, and facial scrub. The toothpaste is also ok for travel, but it is almost a full size (2.5oz). I still haven’t used my credit (which will probably go towards the acquisition of one or two full size Aveeno gentle body wash), but I still have until the end of the year to do so.


Amazon Luxury Beauty Box – December 2016

The price: $19.99 (with 19.99 credit to spend on Luxury Beauty products)



I really loved the Amazon Luxury Box that was on sale back in April. That one was only $9, and featured great products. So I didn’t think twice before buying this one, even thought it costed more than double. To be honest, I still think that previous box was way better – mostly because almost everything was new to me back then, and now, in this December box, most products and brands are repeats from that previous box. But, hey, you can’t complain in terms of value – the samples alone far exceed the $19.99 price, and you also get to use the entire price as a credit to buy full size products.

Prior to receiving this box, I had already tried the Jane Iredale primer (thanks to Birchbox), and the Marvis toothpaste, the Julep nail polish and Euphoria perfume (all thanks to the previous Amazon Luxury Beauty Box). Julep nail polishes are great, you don’t have to add several layers. Usually just one layer is pretty much okay. But I confess I was half expecting to get the red nail polish depicted in the product description. Instead, I got a light pink tone, VERY SIMILAR to the one I got back in April (but slightly different). It is a great color nonetheless, so no complains here. And I can actually use the credit to buy another Julep nail polish in the color I want.

I still have to try half of the products in this box, but I like the idea that most of the products are different and new to me  – like the Obliphica hair serum, the Phyto conditioner, the Ahava mud mask, or the truffle eye cream. This box also includes a couple of male products (after shave balm and perfumes). But the fragrances were nice, my husband liked it, and I got to experience them in second hand — so, score!

If you are planning to buy anything from these brands from Amazon in the next 12 months, my suggestion is to buy this box, now, before it is gone. Even the box itself is gorgeous! If you don’t plan to buy anything, pay careful attention to what samples are included – I received almost exactly everything that is listed in the box description. If you still like them, just go for it!


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