In December, I received the L’Oreal EverFresh VoxBox from Influenster. They sent out to several Influenster members VoxBoxes containing shampoos/conditioners and other treatments for specific purposes from the L’Oreal Ever line. I received products from the EverFresh line, that aims to help with scalp problems and dandruff. I’m not sure how the selection process took place (and why I received this particular product), but itchy scalp is something that sometimes does bother me, so it was nice to be able to try those products for free.

In my box, I received an antidandruff shampoo, a balancing conditioner, and a micro-exfoliating scrub. As any other antidandruff shampoo I ever tried, I didn’t really like the smell of the products – it smells like a medicated product. But it is okay, because they have a clear purpose and can be really helpful when we actually need it (when we have dandruff) or to use every once in a while in a preventive basis. Despite the smell, my hair looked amazing after using it, so it is just a small problem to handle during the shower – the strong smell goes away after rinsing it.

But what was really new for me was the scalp scrub. I have used body and face scrubs before, but it never occurred to me that there was such a thing as a scalp scrub. It is actually nice because it removes impurities (and dandruff, if that’s the case). Even though I was not a fan of the smell, it is a nice product to use once in a while to clean your scalp. And this line also helps with itchy scalp, so it can be useful sometimes during the year.

All in all, I think this is a great line of products, and I am really looking forward to trying other L’Oreal Ever products. They seem to be high quality products (even sulfate free), and they have a wide variety of products to offer (not only those for antidandruff purposes). The price point seems to be okay as well for a premium product – $7.99 is the suggested retail price for either the shampoo or the conditioner, and a little bit more for the scrub ($9.99 is the suggested retail price). It’s actually a great value if you plan to use it just as a antidandruff product, about only once or twice a week, or if you really need for itchy scalp or to help treat dandruff. As for me, I’ll probably spend my money in other products from the Ever line, since currently I don’t have any of these problems. But it was nice to be able to try the product for free, thanks to L’Oreal and Influenster.

And if you want to have the opportunity to try products like these for free, you can use my referral link to join Influenster as well.


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