Having an Amazon Prime subscription comes with a lot of perks that goes way beyond the free 2 day shipping. And for the cheap Subscriber like us, there’s a ton of deals – from sample boxes to sample shop. But since it all started with books, why not talk about them?
Every month, every Prime member can get at least two Kindle books for free: a hot new release from Kindle First and your choice of anything from the Kindle Owners Lending Library.

Kindle First books go live on the first day of each month, but I usually wait a couple of days to have some reviews to base my decision – since they are new releases, they start with zero reviews. I discovered nice titles like Everything we keep, and The things we wish were true, now big time best sellers, but once new releases available early via Kindle First. (If you’re not a Prime member, you can still get one of those books for $1.99 a month; if you’re in a family account, you’ll have to ask the main account holder to get the books free for you and then share the copy with their household)

Kindle Owners Lending Library has a lot of titles that you can borrow for free – you can get one book a month if you, like me, is not the main owner of the Prime membership (my husband is). There’s ton of books to choose from, mostly books that are available via Kindle Unlimited subscription (but not necessarily only those). I used this to read the Paper Magician book series, for example, borrowing one book a month. It’s a nice series if you like magic and Harry Potter-like books. 
Those are options to get Kindle books for free. But, of course, you can always pay some extra and subscribe to Kindle Unlimited – a subscription that you have to pay for (9.99 per month) and lets you choose from a big selection of books, as many as you would like. It is a good deal if you read a lot. But, for me, the two free titles a month + the regular books I buy every once in a while is pretty well enough for me. 


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