Back in October, Macy’s launched the BCRF Beauty Sampler Set. This set is not available anymore. I bought it on Black Friday for $10 (original price was $20). I think it is nice to support the Breast Cancer Research Foundation with a box full of beauty samples. However, I think it was a bit overpriced at the $20 price point (but a good deal for $10).


(Yep, I forgot to take a picture of my own set)

The set came with some deluxe samples, including the Smashbox photo finish primer (which was the main reason why I bought this box – I’ve sampled this product before, and the sample lasted me a long time, so having another sample would be great). I also had the chance to try 3 perfume samples (including the DKNY Be Tempted red – too sweet in comparison with the Be Delicious green one, but at least now I know I should stick with the green one), a night cream from Estée Lauder (I love using night creams, my face is great in the morning, a moisturizer from Origins, a mask from Bobbi Brown, and a Clinique eyeliner. I only realized after getting the box that the eyeliner is brown, not black. This is not exactly a problem – it’s now the only brown eye liner I have – I just thought it would be black considering that no specification of color was provided. The box itself is also very nice, which would make this a good gift (they release one of these sets every year, so look out for one next year during October).

Overall, I think it was a great box, and I’ll look for it again next year (hopefully with a Black Friday discount once again :P).


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