I really liked the December 2016 Sephora Play!, even though it was totally more geared towards party and night time. This month, I received box variation #816. Here’s a picture of its contents:

The box includes a set of basic make up for a party. There is a red lip stain (I like the fact that it is a very small sample – I really don’t use all that much red lipstick, so it is nice to have a small one if and when I need it), a powerful mascara (Lancome Hypnose), a skin equalizer primer (I like the fact that is lightly tinted so it helps preparing the skin for the foundation), a make up setting spray (I confess that I had never used one before; my first try was a disaster, because I put it right after putting make up on, and something black – either the eyeliner, the mascara or the eyebrow gel, or the three of them – was not totally dry and ended up messing my eyes completely), and even a perfume sample that would be suitable for night time (Elizabeth & James Nirvana Rose).

I just don’t know where to place the dry shampoo on this night time party – perhaps you spent all the day working and won’t have time for a blow dry? 😛

Nonetheless, I really liked that I finally received a dry shampoo on a subscription box. People usually complain that they receive dry shampoos all the time on subscription boxes, but I am a cheap subscriber since March this year and this was the first time ever I received a dry shampoo on a subscription box. And might I say that I loved it. It works pretty well in holding my hair clean for an extra day. Right after I put it, my hair got all white from the powder. But I just had to follow the instructions on the product and rub it in to the hair after it was dry and voilà – my hair looks clean for one more day. Yay! This dry shampoo from drybar is a life saver.  I had tried other dry shampoos before (that I had to buy because no subscription box would send a sample to me :P), but this one is by far the one with the best results. Psssst!, for example, would leave my hair looking clean for about 4 hours, not a whole day.

I know it is $23 (a little over my budget), but I will seriously consider buying this product in full size.

Overall, I think this was another great Play! box, and I learned at least something new (how make up setting sprays work and how to apply them, in X or T form). Looking forward for the 2017 boxes.


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