Not all Target Beauty Boxes interest me, but I like the fact that you can see in advance what the box will have, and only then decide if you want to purchase or not. After skipping November, I decided to buy the December box. Even though it was not a terrible box, I think it would be better at a lower price point.

Target Beauty Box – December 2016
This box costed $10 and is already sold out. I would compare the contents to a Walmart Beauty Box (that costs exactly half, $5). What I like about this box is that it came with a small bag (that retails at $2.95 according to the tag in it), and that they finally sent me a lipstick that is not red.

The Covergirl lipstick included in my box is in the “Always rosy” color. I liked how this lipstick works – it comes with two applicators: first you add the color, then you add an extra layer of lip balm. The color really lasts for a long time, and I had to use make up remover in order to remove the color from my lips at the end of the day – they were not joking about the 24h duration. But my lips were dry pretty quick, so you need to keep reapplying the lip balm in order to ensure moisture.

I liked the idea behind the Tresemme pre-wash conditioner + shampoo (in this system, you use the conditioner first, and then the shampoo), but I couldn’t decide if it is a good fit for me out of the only 2,5 uses I managed to get from the tiny package they sent (I thought I would be able to use for the third time, but it was not enough and I had to finish off with a regular conditioner afterwards).

The hair band seemed to be a good idea, but it didn’t stick to my hair. And it is also pretty weird that they included only one single hair band from Goody – in a previous Walmart box, I received a pack with something like 10 hair bands.

The rest of the box is just ok – useful small samples of moisturizer, make up remover pads, and cleanser.

Overall, this was a just okay box. I think I would be more happy if samples were bigger and / or the box costed a little bit less. I think I am so overstocked with beauty products that I’ll probably skip the couple next Target boxes next year.


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