Amazon offers so many nice things with their Prime subscription that it is impossible not to see the value on being a Prime member. One of the perks that they offer is their sample boxes program.

When you buy a sample box, you pay a certain amount for the samples you will be getting, and, after receiving the box, you receive the full value back as a credit to buy products from the brands featured on the sample box. In other words, it is a great way to try some different products in a certain category, and later buy more from some of these products using the credit. It is a win-win, almost as if the box was free.

So far, I have bought 4 sample boxes from Amazon:

In this post, I’ll talk about my experience with the first two boxes – and, in a later post, I’ll talk specifically about the beauty boxes.

At first, the Dog Food and Treats Box seemed to be a great idea. At least 7 samples of dog products, including cans, treats, and more. What could go wrong? Well, for me and my then recently rescued dog, everything. 😦 Right after receiving the box, my dog had some stomach upsets. We took him to the vet and found out he is “probably” (it is very complicated to prove) allergic to grains, which means that he can’t eat 90% of the dog food and treats available in the market – and 100% of the content of the sample box. After that visit to the vet, we put him on a limited ingredient diet, with no grains, and only fish as protein. After receiving the box, I tried several times to use the credit with fish based products, but, although many products were listed as eligible for the credit, I couldn’t apply the credit to the purchase. After several frustrated attempts, I reached Amazon Customer Service, and they ended up returning the price I paid for the box (since I was unable to use the credit with one of the products I was supposed to).

My experience with the Soft Drink Sample Box was way better, in the sense that I could actually try the products and choose something to get with the credit. I received a box with 8 soda cans, each with a different flavor. While some I liked, I didn’t like about half of them (Cocumber soda, really?). The good part about this box is that I could use the $4.99 I paid to buy more from the products featured. The not so good part is that you can only buy this amount of soda products through the Prime Pantry program, which usually charges $5.99 for shipping. But the bright side is that I ended up discovering how Prime Pantry works and even ordered a couple more boxes after that. I used my credit in a pack of IZZE Sparkling Juice, one of the brands featured on the sample box.

Overall, I would say that those were good experiences with sample boxes. You can keep an eye on this link to see what boxes are available. They are a great way to try products technically for free before buying, just bear in mind that there is a limitation on which products you will be able to use your credit.


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