What I love about Sephora Play! is the opportunity of learning about new products. They always send a video explaining how to use each product, which, for me, is the best thing about this subscription. Sometimes I don’t like all the products, but I’m at least very happy that I understood what they are all for.

Sephora Play! November 2016


I still haven’t had the opportunity to try all the items in November’s box (Caudalie moisturizer and Cover FX primer are still pending due to an enormous quantity of similar samples to try before :P). But I liked the ones I already tried – the Glamglow mask (which I’m using as an overnight mask following a suggestion on the Sephora Play! card), the bright pink lip gloss (which turns out to be a not so bright color when applied to the lips), and the eye color (I don’t usually wear eye makeup, but I liked the idea of using it as a eye liner instead of an eyeshadow; still, this is something I would only use for special occasions and not on a regular basis). The perfume sample (Replica Lipstick On) is pretty interesting too – as described in the video, it has that kind of smell you expect from your grandmother’s vanity.

Overall, November box was a good box. Nothing too exciting, but everything pretty useful.


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