In October I ordered one of BeautifiedYou Beauty Bags. They have quite a few options. As a “cheap subscriber”, I chose the $5 sample bag for Normal to Sensitive skin. This is not a subscription or a limited time deal – they run this offer permanently, and each time you order you get a random assortment of items.

This is what I got:

I received 3 deluxe samples and 8 foil packets. The deluxe samples are all really small (5ml or less), but they seem to be fairly good products (Avene serum, DEJ face cream, Phytomer hand cream). Overall, I’m ok with what I got – different samples from brands that I don’t currently use, so it is always nice to have something new to try. I’m not overwhelmed nor underwhelmed — it was just ok.

I hear that the $15 deluxe bag is a better option if you want more deluxe samples. I just wanted to see what I could get, so the $5 bag was ok for me.


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