A couple of weeks ago, Something Snacks was offering some $7 mystery boxes. Since I never tried this subscription before, I decided to buy one box out of curiosity. And I really liked what I got – a random assortment of savory and sweet snacks that I had never tasted before!

Something Snacks – Mystery  Box

I didn’t like all the snacks equally, but I like how different and new they were to me. For instance, (now) I know that Chex mix is something you can find easily at a grocery store, but I had never tried it before (and the Honey Nut flavor is great by the way! LOVED it!). The shrimp chips were weird enough to be good. For me, the Hawaiian Luau BBQ was too spicy – I only ate two chips before giving up (after two full glasses of water). But that’s just me, I have low tolerance for spices. The caveman cookie was not very flavorful — but you can’t beat it considering the amount of carbs and protein, and the ingredients. That’s great for a paleo diet!! I still have to try the sweet and spicy mix (I’m afraid it is going to be too spiced, just lie the Luau BBQ) and the “rollo de coco” (this one seems to be nice, maybe a lot like the Brazilian “cocada”).

This was a great mystery box, with a nice balance of savory and sweet snacks. 🙂


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