I was so excited with my Sephora Play! this month that I forgot to take a picture before spreading the contents all over the house. I received variation #1850072, which came with:

  • Christophe Robin regenerating mask
  • Erborian Bamboo Creme Frappee
  • The Estée Edit Flash Photo Gloss
  • Farmacy Skin Dew Mist
  • Smashbox Matte Lipstick
  • Yves Saint Laurent Mon Paris

My favorite item was the regenerating (hair) mask. I used it once and my hair felt sooooo smooth. I like the fact that you can use in the shower and leave it on for just a couple of minutes (there’s no need to wait forever like 30 minutes, or use a cap or something like that). The sample has a good size, which means I will probably get a good number of uses out of it before deciding to buy it or not. One of these days I was trying to remember if I had ever bought anything that I received as a sample before and came to the conclusion that no, I haven’t – but not because the products aren’t good, and simply because I receive so many samples that I don’t actually have to buy anything. From Sephora Play!, the only sample I tried to buy was the Sephora lipstick that came in September box. But that color wasn’t available in store when I went to purchase (I went in store to get the Play! extra points) and I ended up giving up on it.

This box included two lip products. While I loved the fact that the Estée Edit product is transparent, I didn’t really care about the flash photo properties. I’m more interested in the texture of the product itself. However, I didn’t like the color of the Smashbox lipstick on me (it was too dark). I liked the idea of a matte lipstick, but it was not this time for me… I’ll probably end up not using it.

The skin dew mist seems nice. I’m still waiting for a day in which I’ll have to use make up so I can test it over make up. So far, I only used it alone. The perfume sample was kind of “meh” to me because I received the same sample two weeks before as a gift with purchase in a Sephora order. But it is a nice perfume anyway, so having more of it is not exactly a problem (it is just not something new to me). And I still have to try the facial cream from Erborian.

Overall, I think it is a good box – some hits and misses, but mostly big hits for me. Looking forward to November box.


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