I had mixed feelings right after receiving my Fall 2016 Walmart Beauty Box because I was expecting the same as everyone was posting online, but my box was not exactly the same. I really wanted to test the dry shampoo that was popping up on the pictures. But after a couple of hours I was back in love with my box. I received the Trendsetter version, and my box was packed all the way to the top.

Walmart Beauty Box – Fall 2016 – Trendsetter

I love how this box is packed with skin moisturizing stuff – body wash, facial wash, cetaphil cream, vaseline dry skin treatment, and  burt’s bees body moisturizer. This is just in time for Fall. Cetaphil lotion is already part of my daily routine, so it is interesting to receive the cream to try as well. I really liked the idea behind a face wash / mask from Clean & Clear that you can use in the shower. I usually don’t have patience to wait for 10-15 minutes the usual face mask requires you to wait. This one is just 60 seconds, and you can use while in the shower, so it’s a win-win. I really loved the Biore pore strips, and I was impressed with how much stuff came out from my nose area. I’ll definitely be buying more to use in the future. The gummies were nice, but I’m not sure to what extent they really worked or not. I had received the simple micellar cleansing water before (oddly, in a Love with Food box), and I liked it.

This box has so much stuff in it that I still have to try half of everything. That’s an impressive value for a $5 box, considering that I will probably use everything. This was by far the best Walmart Beauty Box I have ever received (this is my fourth, I just completed my first 4 seasons).



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